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Search Engine Opitimization (SEO)

I-Zone utilizes SEO as part of the integrated digital marketing solution which helps our clients successfully launch and position their website or social media campaigns. Rankings do matter so we invest the time and energy to be found on the top search pages. High rankings lead clients to succeed.

SEO Techniques: Through a complex, dynamic process, I-Zone works to ensure your site earns high rankings in the search results, so that potential customers find you. By identifying your target audience, service area, and a focus for your web site, we weed out unwanted traffic and maximize your exposure. Our SEO process is always ethical, search engine friendly, and focused on your target audience.

Ad Words - Copywriting: Though it seems like such a simple task, writing effective Pay per Click (PPC) ad text is its own art form. Our team of key word professionals’ plan and test ad copy variations to confirm they attract, pre-qualify, and draw users to your website.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC): By targeting only the people looking for your specific products and services, I-Zone helps ensure that the people visiting your website are likely to convert to customers. While SEO provides long-term results, a holistic online marketing approach, which includes a carefully managed PPC campaign, can yield optimal results for our clients.

Mobile Devices: An ever-growing market is accessing the internet via mobile devices. A mobile-ready version of your site provides simplified navigation, quick browsing, and efficient functionality – providing easy access to information about your products and services.



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