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With new technology being launched almost every day, it often seems difficult to make confident decisions on the right digital strategy for your organization. At I-Zone Marketing we have years of experience in digital media and will work closely with you to ensure we integrate your business and strategic objectives.


Web Presence: It is more important than ever to deploy a web site that does more than just educate visitors, it has to inspire action. Only when a prospect fills out an online form, visits a retail location, or picks up the phone does your advertising have a chance to pay off. Our websites compel visitors to keep exploring and make it easy to find the content they are seeking.

E-mail Marketing: E-mail marketing is one of the most personal and potentially profitable forms of marketing. By delivering relevant content to your subscribers, you are creating and nurturing a special relationship with them. Since e-mail is instant and economical, it’s an integral aspect of any company's advertising efforts.

Branding & Digital Design: To avoid a disconnect between your e-mails and your web site, our talented designers ensure uniformity in color, font, logos, and all things related to your brand. Pertinent content and calls-to-action in the appropriate places validate your business and customers know exactly what you want them to do.


Content: I-Zone carefully plans and crafts the content you send to your clients to avoid spam and e-mail filters. In addition, we verify every marketing campaign effectively drives your on-line visitors to relevant landing pages. We ensure that your content conveys a sense of urgency, remains professional, adheres to branding guidelines and functions as an effective marketing piece.

Social Media: I-Zone has a dedicated online marketing & social media team tasked with generating that all important “word of mouth” buzz. Online integrated marketing can produce trackable conversions with some of the highest ROI in the industry. We track trends in technology and consumer behavior to identify opportunities for our clients.

Mobile Design: Mobile marketing is about sending the right message to the right people at the right place and at the right time. We understand the need to be mobile, "always on", thus providing multiple touch points with customers and prospects.


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